Pinto Pony Necklace I Love Horses!

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Product Description

To introduce my new Zibbet Shop I am having a grand opening complete with a free gift. If you buy 6 hair prettys or necklaces out of my HORSE CRAZY GIRL shop section, I will send you a free horse necklace or hair pretty.
Pinto Pony Necklace For Your Horse Crazy Girl, Party Favors From Diane at
Looking for something for your little horse crazy girl? I just finished a few of these for the gallery. My beautiful little niece and her friends test them to see if they wear well and meet their high standards in the fashion industry. Perfect for your 4 h'er or upcoming Pony Club girl.
I noticed at my last art show i was at, the older "tweens" tended to hit their parents up for money to buy this style. I suppose they find them to be more mature.
This measures about 2 inches by 2 inches. The glitter will not rub off and completes the look. . The one pictured is the one you receive.
Talk to me if you would like to collect several of these or use them as fund raisers or party favors.
As with anything small, it may pose a choking hazard for little children so take sensible precautions with wee ones that may try to put it in their mouths.

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